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We are your partner for machine learning and AI. We support your company from the identification of use cases to the development and operation of AI solutions.
Leading companies trust in Merantix Momentum
Merantix Momentum

We are at your side from the identification of suitable use cases to the development and operation of AI solutions.

Merantix Momentum designs, develops and operates AI from research to application for companies across all industries, dynamically translating its leading AI research into customized solutions with business expertise to create domain-specific value.
Our projects

Real added value through customized AI solutions

Automated contract review

Our result
Efficiency gain
min Time required per contract
Brief description
  • Human-in-the-loop process optimization 
  • Partially automated processing of order-processing contracts (AVVs)
  • NLP-based risk assessment of individual contract clauses

AI strategy development in the semiconductor industry

Our result
Weeks to the AI Center of Excellence
Continents benefit from the Operating Model
Brief description
  • Development of an international AI strategy
  • Create an internal marketplace for AI development projects. 
  • Acceleration of previous processes from problem definition to AI solution

Development of an innovative AI solution for the detection of car damage

Our result
Time saving in the process
Recognition rate improvement
Brief description
  • Product development with our partners Adomea and TÜV Rheinland
  • Efficient processing of multimodal sensor data 
  • Surface classification into dents, paint damage, scratches, dirt or no damage

AI-based product placements to increase revenue

Our result
Thousand product recommendations per day
Personalized marketing strategy across multiple channels
Brief description
  • Integration of different data sources (online & offline) 
  • Open-source based recommendation engine
  • Daily updates and monitoring via automated MLOps setup
Our offer

We accompany you from the idea to the implementation

AI Strategy

AI Strategy: Laying Your AI Foundation Stones with a Holistic Approach

  • Teach methods for evaluating AI use cases.
  • Identify and prioritize AI use cases.
  • Building processes and structures towards an AI-driven company
AI Development

From the feasibility study to the productive system

  • Time- and cost-efficient feasibility studies for early identification and elimination of project risks
  • Agile development of user-centric AI applications based on text, image, or structured data sources.
  • Holistic software development from automated data acquisition to the user interface
AI operation

After development is before operation: added value through AI

  • We ensure that developed AI solutions generate value by taking over operation and maintenance
  • Continuous availability with the highest security standards: Automated tests and releases as well as regular updates and consulting included
  • Monitoring of data and models as well as our dashboard solutions ensure confidence and interpretability at all times
AI Research

AI research: preparing the future with excellence

  • Developing and applying breakthrough AI solutions across all industries and sectors of tomorrow's economy and society
  • Integration of AI in complex, interdisciplinary research projects from private funding and the public sector.
  • Leading, future-oriented and creative cooperation with international partners from science, civil society and industry
About Us

Ethical AI software development

At Merantix Momentum, we believe AI is a technology that can be used to address and solve many of today's and tomorrow's challenges for people, businesses and society. We believe that the benefits of AI should be accessible to everyone. However, it is not enough to just provide the technological capabilities, but also to take responsibility for ensuring that AI is safe and inclusive for all.

We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to providing our employees, customers and partners with the tools they need to develop and use AI safely, accurately and ethically.

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  • Critical and holistic evaluation of your approach
  • Development of guidance for reliable implementation
  • Free of charge and without obligation
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